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Are you looking for a laptop discount? This website is dedicated to finding you the lowest price and best deal if you are looking for a new laptop or notebook computer in the UK.

We can put you directly in touch with discount retailers and leading suppliers in the UK. Depending on the product you are looking for, we can link you to a low-cost reseller, or directly with the manufacturer, or to national distributor outlets.

If you already know the model number and you are simply shopping around for the best price, then look no further, because we have hot links to the best price comparison websites on the internet. In many cases, through this website, you can even compare the online cost with high street prices; but remember to shop online for the cheapest prices.

Asus Laptop 
Based in London, we are KL Computers Limited and we are the UK's No.1 reseller of Asus Laptops. Formed in 1998, we offer an outstanding sales and delivery service for the Asus technology range, which includes Notebooks, Accessories, Handheld PCs, Desktop Computers, Monitors and Servers.

We are also a leading UK supplier of Samsung Laptop computers and IBM ThinkPad computers.

Coming on the back of our success story with Asus, Samsung and IBM notebook computers and netbooks, we are delighted to inform you that we now offer discounted sales of Acer notebooks, MSI computers and Lenovo laptops.

UK Discount Laptop Shop
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